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Malta’s Chamber of Mysteries Opens to Public

Inside Magic Image of Brian Role and Lola Palmer

We have not yet been to Malta but hope to include it as part of our Inside Magic European Tour scheduled for early 2012.   

There are many reasons to see Malta and if you are a magician, above the natural beauty, rich culture and incredible history, great magic is first and foremost.

Our current International Brotherhood of Magicians' President Vanni Pulè and long-time Inside Magic Favorite Brian Rolè take turns as stars in what is described as "Malta's most amazing night out."

The Chamber of Mysteries is more than an all new evening dinner/theater show, it is a passage way into a previously hidden alcove of magic.

The Chamber was recently discovered in the renown Razzett L-Antik restaurant in Qormi and may have been the secret meeting place of medieval wizards until the Inquisition. The magicians correctly assessed it was too dangerous to meet – even in a hidden vault. Reluctantly, they concealed a part of the chamber behind bricks and what appeared to be an ordinary wall. The plan was to re-open the chamber when the world was safe for wizards.

Unfortunately, the last of the wizards passed away before the chamber could be re-opened.

Flash forward to recent times. The building's current owners discovered the chamber when planning renovations. The owner noticed the one room's measurements were significantly askew from the century old plans. There appeared to be a significant portion of the building that appeared on the building schematic that did not exist.

Once the owners removed the brick wall, they found the chamber and a treasure trove of mysterious items and paraphernalia just as it had been left by the medieval wizards.

The purpose and proper use of these artifacts remained a mystery until Brian Rolè and Vanni Pulè found an ancient manuscript, with precise details of the items, their workings and secrets behind their mystery. Revealed to them was a world of mystery, wonder and delight and through their findings the items finally took life. 

The two magicians now share those secrets with visitors along with a three-course meal of the finest traditional Maltese cuisine accompanied by free-flowing wine. After dinner, guests are escorted to the formerly concealed section of the Chamber of Mysteries.

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