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Kate Moss Hooks Up Magician Hans Klok

Inside Magic Image of Dutch Illusionist Hans KlokMagicians are natural magnets for super models.  This truism has been known to masters of our non-dark arts for centuries. 

Robert-Houdin entranced the lovely Josèphe Cecile Houdin who just happened to be the daughter of big time watchmaker  Jacques François Houdin.  David Copperfield was dating super model Claudia Schiffer before that ended and he met French supermodel Chloe Gosselin. 

Tony Spain was seen on several occasions with that woman who played the phone operator for the Craft-Matic Bed commercials (The lovely "Operators are standing by" woman).

The tabloids are all agog over attractive person Kate Moss and her professed fan-like feelings for Dutch Illusionist Hans Klok.  According to one of those UK tabloid-looking newspapers, "Kate Moss is a fan of 'The One Show'.'  The 38-year-old supermodel urged her close pal, fashion designer Stella McCartney, to hire Dutch illusionist Hans Klok after spotting him on the BBC One evening programme.  ("Programme" is British for "program").  Mr. Klok tKate Moss asked him to be the magic attraction for her show."

Ms. Moss is not alone in her attraction to Hans Klok.  He previously worked with  Carmen Electra and then Pamela Anderson in his Las Vegas magic show.

The One Show is a program ("programme") on British televison ("telly"). 

Hans Klok's  is also starring in The Houdini Experience at London's Peacock Theatre ("Theater") until Sunday March 25. 

Go to www.sadlerswells.com/show/Hans-Klok-The-Houdini-Experience for tickets.