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The Modern Conjurer by C. Lang Neil Free From Conjuring Arts

Inside Magic Image of Magic Student Resting on Great Magic BooksBook number three in the Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Summer Reading Series is a brand new version of the first edition of the amazing classic The Modern Conjurer by C. Lang Neil.

The experts at Conjuring Arts did a great job of making a fully searchable PDF with very helpful bookmarks.  They tell us it is one of the first magic books to have photographs — quite a breakthrough for publishing in 1902.

Conjuring Arts produced a  new edition featuring magic with coins, cards, balls, handkerchiefs, and more. Even more impressive, the text actually contains  photographs are of very well known magicians performing their own effects.

You can see the greats in action including Charles Bertram, T. Nelson Downs, Paul Valadon, and H. De Manche.

David Roth, the Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Master in Residence highly recommends this work and we fully agree.

Best of all, you can download it for no cost if you get over to the Conjuring Arts’ site before 2:00 pm on July 28th.  We have included the link below.

The Modern Conjurer by C. Lang Neil -Text based PDF with bookmarks.