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Why Did Houdini Flick Fail? Inside Magic Knows

Death Defying Acts is out on DVD says Lisa Miller in The Imperial Valley News.

Inside Magic had high hopes for the 2008 drama staring Guy Pearce and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Inside Magic opined during the film’s pre-production that it was a sure fire hit.  How could it go wrong with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Houdini?

Sure, the story was completely made up, but how was that different from anything you might read on this website?  Who were we to fling objects that look like rocks?

The drama based on a fictitious tale about Harry Houdini had the components necessary for a hit but apparently did not find the audience Houdini and Ms. Zeta-Jones deserved.

The film told the story of Houdini searching for a true psychic.  The great magician is taken in by Ms. Zeta-Jones’ character Mary McGarvie and her young daughter Benji.

Already the story sounds good, right?  Who couldn’t love a film where Catherine Zeta-Jones has a daughter who is a dog?  Like you, we saw all of the Benji movies in the 1970’s and, probably not like you, we saw them again later during detox (the second stay).

The Benji movies were great and great fun.

They were kind of like The Daring Dobermans‘ films but without the attacking and jerky cinema verite editing and pan shots.

We read somewhere Benji was actually a female dog.  That is not new.  Lassie was a boy dog.  So, we have no problem believing a girl spirit could inhabit the body of what everyone knows is a boy dog. Continue reading “Why Did Houdini Flick Fail? Inside Magic Knows”