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Magician Ariann Black Profiled

Inside Magic Image of Ariann BlackMagician Ariann Black received a great write-up and interview in today’s Westword in advance of her upcoming shows this weekend at Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Ms. Black is well-known to Vegas audiences and is now taking the craft she began at the age of four to Colorado.  She took inspiration from Doug Henning and his non-traditional appearance.

“At four, you don’t realize that there is more than one magic trick out there. I was fascinated with the idea that there was more than one magic trick and you could do all sorts of things. When I was twelve, I saw Doug Henning on television, and prior to that I had been told that girls couldn’t be magicians. But when I saw Doug Henning and I saw him with his look — he didn’t look like that stereotypical magician — I thought, yeah, I can be a magician, too. He really inspired me.”

The road has not been easy and she points out that within our predominantly male ranks, “women are just an oddity.” She has a small group of female magicians with whom she attends conventions and share.  Ms. Black is “always on the lookout for female magicians, especially the younger ones, to make sure that they know that kind of behavior (toward them) is not okay, it’s not acceptable and that they need to stand up for who they are and be respected. It doesn’t just happen in magic — it happens everywhere.”

Be sure to check out the full interview for her thoughts on animal acts, David Copperfield, Criss Angel and why magic still works with today’s modern audiences.

Ariann Black performs this Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. at Theatre of Dreams in Castle Rock. For more information on the shows and to buy tickets, visit the Theatre of Dreams website. Check out Ms. Black’s website here.

Ariann Black is Back and Reviewed

The Painfully Beautiful and Talented Ariann Black Performs in SecretsMike Weatherford is a straight-shooter — although we have no idea why one's sexual identity should matter, especially if you are using a gun or any firearm.

He stays up on the Magic scene in Las Vegas better than most.  He even knows the names of our illusions; which is disconcerting.  It kind of creeps us out when lay people know the jargon of our biz.

We much prefer audience members to talk about our "scarf trick" or "hanky trick" rather than "a really nice routine with a silk ball."

Of course, we take the audience as we find them and if they happen to know the jargon, we deal with it like a professional.  Still, we feel weird performing for closeted magicians who act like they don't know but they really do.  They take the force card because they think they are helping; and yes, while it is nice to pull off a Classic Force once in a while, we would much prefer to do it on our own.  We don't need charity — especially because most of our routine is based on screwing up the Classic Force.  We don't know what we would do if it worked.

Anyway, we digress.

Secrets was the topic and coincidentally, secrets is the theme of Ariann Black's new show in Las Vegas.

Let us be very straight shooting here as well: Ariann Black is beautiful.  She is the kind of beautiful that you don't want to look at because you become nervous, paranoid, and incontinent.  Maybe that's just us.  But she is not bad looking for a woman. 

But we have never judged male magicians on their natural or enhanced beauty — except Darren Romeo and Lance Burton.  They are good looking guys, we suppose.

Mike Weatherford's take on the amazingly attractive Ariann Black's new show is luke-warm.  He appreciates her incredible skill set; ranging from close-up to big stage illusions.  But he wants more.

He riffs off one of Ariann Black's lines in the new show.  She reflects on her start in our art and recalls being told that "magic is for boys." 

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