Great Magic Cyber Monday

Everyone is having a Cyber Monday sale.

Magic stores, both virtual and brick-n-mortar, are joining the ranks of the superstores to offer incredible discounts and once-in-a-season deals on effects.

Even fireworks vendors in our neighborhood are offering early New Year’s items at greatly discounted prices.  (Hence the Black Cat firecracker graphic).

We wanted to have a Cyber Monday sale but we don’t really sell anything on

In fact, due to our Fire Sale last month, we are all out of the little novelty / slum magic we bought years ago for just this type of occasion.  Fortunately, it was just our storage pod in the desert area south of Riverside, California that was damaged in the event and even then, only the things under our second-hand magnifying glasses.

If anyone is interested in a beautiful amalgam of plastic Cups and Balls combined with Ball Vases and Magic Wands, we have only one and it is about the size of meteor.  We are going to save it for a future Antiques Roadshow and perhaps it will be valued as an artistic work.

We have, however, seen some great magic in the past month.

We didn’t perform it and we don’t even know the names of those who did.  But we do know great magic when it is performed and Twitter has become our go-to place for great effects performed flawlessly.  Granted, we don’t know how many takes these Twitter videos took but we don’t really care.

According to the Law of Large Numbers, even if we had a deck of cards and an infinite time to perform the effect, we would never be able to do it.  So, compared with 100 monkeys who have 100 years to write Hamlet, we would be seen as a distant second.  In fact, we couldn’t write Hamlet even if you gave us 100 monkeys to help and 100 years to do it.  We would likely distract the monkeys with questions about banana freshness and their unsanitary methods of attacking humans watching them.

But here are three Twitter stars that we recommend to your attention.  If you love them, let them know.  If you want to see more, you can follow our carefully curated Twitter feed at @insidemagic.

Great Magic Performed Greatly.


Really Amazing and Fast.

If you have a feed you would like us to follow, please drop us note at @insidemagic.  We are always on the look out.

[Edit] We just heard back from Antiques Roadshow, they said the piece of art has to created by an actual artist and cannot be the remnants of things left in the desert sun.

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