Magicians, Spaghetti and Secrets Exposed

Inside Magic World Famous Logo SmallOne of the magic questions we are never asked is when will there be a dinner featuring renowned Magician Méliès with a real magician (meaning live) for a Fireman’s Spaghetti Supper.  We’ve been asked about dinners with spaghetti (or pasta – to be accurate) with magicians.  We’ve been asked about Méliès, the great filmmaker and magician from the turn of the last century and even about Fire people doing magic.

But now, we have ticked the box.  According to Wicketlocal from Wareham, there will be “a Spaghetti Supper featuring the renowned Magician Méliès, who will perform a 90-minute program recommended for adult audiences. The program will consist of classic sleight of hand, illusion, and mind-reading.”

The show is scheduled to take place on October 26 at 6 p.m. at the beautifully appointed Redmen Hall.  The ticket will cost you a mere $20 but look at what you get: spaghetti  meatballs, salad, bread, and dessert. The magic and mentalism program follows the meal.  So if you just like magic, you’re set.  If you’re into meatballs, bingo.  If you are a garlic bread lover – we can’t be sure because the menu just says bread. 

We did a Blue / Gold dinner for the Boy Scouts of America once and had so much garlic bread that we almost didn’t get our check at the end.  We wreaked of garlic and the Scout Leader didn’t want to stand near us.  Being ever ready, he pulled up his kerchief over his mouth and nose and handed us the check.  We were enthused to be paid but more impressed that he lived the Boy Scout spirit.  We also performed for Girl Scouts but there was no garlic bread just thin mints in the ad-hoc green room.  We ate about six rows (maybe just two – we started to lose consciousness once the second row kicked in).  We did our show with such enthusiasm that we were never invited back.  We assume we weren’t invited back because we were on a sugar rush but it could have been that the cookies were not for us – we didn’t have a rider in our contract.

We once performed for a support group of which we were a member.  We received no money but did receive really  nice hugs and counseling about the perceived (by the 14 other men) need to please people and a potato – as was the tradition of the group.  We were to bring the potato back to the next meeting to show it had grown another eye – thus fitting in with the theme of the group.  We ate the potato and received no hugs but shrugs.

Interestingly, the name of our first book on such support group was called, “Hugs and Shrugs” and went into the mystery cults that we had once joined.  Under the terms of the cult, we were not to mention the potato but we’re putting it out there because the cult is gone – we hope.  Still when we eat potatoes, we become morose and think about the shrugs we caused.  That’s hard for a people pleaser but we’re working through it with a man we met in a bus station who says, there is no one to please but one’s self.  Then he asked us for money.  We were conflicted, should we try to please him by giving him bus fare or show  that we learned his lesson.  He seemed to read our confusion and said the lesson started after we gave the money – almost like a fee.  We paid and are still working to instill his teaching in our psyche without the use of physical implements.

From the press release:

Magician Méliès is well-known in Boston circles having performed for the WGBH Downton Abby Series Finale Gala and having also been the recipient of the Best Magician in Boston Award. His interactive program is guaranteed to entertain his audience, so tickets should be purchased as soon as possible as seating is limited.

Tickets may be purchased by contacting the following: Melissa Bourne at 508-295-6534; Howie Smith at 508-295-4679; or Ken Jordan at 508-451-9700.

All proceeds support the scholarship fund of the Wareham Firemen’s Association.

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