Triple TUC is Great Coin Magic

Inside Magic Image of Triple TUCWe, like most right-thinking people, open the box in which came a trick ordered and awaited, ripping through the straw, tossing the invoice and cutting open the plastic with our color-changing knives (red one, of course).  We don’t review the instructions, we just look at the props.  That’s all.

We play with them, examine them for quality control and then try to recreate what we saw in the advertisements.  It is only when the trick cannot be done exactly as seen in the short, well-edited video, that we give in and read the instructions  – or watch the instructional video at the handy  link found on the paper we tossed earlier.

The Triple T.U.C. Coin(s) from Tango Magic, is a trick that matched this experience exactly.  It wasn’t until days of playing with the gimmicks that we realized we were supplied with not one very clever coin but with three.  That’s how well it is made and how hopeless we would be as an archaeologist.

We’d find a bone, maybe a real big one, and declare to the world, “look we found something that someone probably ate; maybe at a prehistoric restaurant like in a cartoon documentary we saw when we were young.”

We would also fail as a surgeon but the reasons for this failure proved difficult to describe without making us throw-up a little in our mouth.  So trust us.

The T.U.C. coin does everything you could want it to do.  Matrix – got it.  Three Fly – no sweat.  Coins Across – are you kidding us?

The machining put into the gimmick(s) is/are so good that we want to reveal it to you because we like you and want you to like us but that’s not how magic works.  We keep secrets at Inside Magic. In fact, we don’t even know where the bathroom is in our spacious office because our staff is so well-trained in the doctrine of secrecy.

We received T.U.C. coin(s) last year but were in no shape to figure it out.  Our brain was occupied with other notions and concepts destined, we thought, to get a MacArthur Genius Grant — that’s how delusional we were at the time.  We saw things that weren’t there, heard voices that weren’t spoken and believed “rubbing dirt on it” would cure most athletic injuries (or snow in the case of skiing or snowboarding).

But now we have many of our faculties back and our senses are relatively restored thanks to boarder crossings to purchase necessary equipment and ointments.  It’s true that one sense fails, the others take on extra importance.  We now have fingertip control with the precision we have always sought.  We can deal seconds like its nobody’s business (whatever that means – we cannot imagine a business plan getting funding for such a project).  But we still lack one of the most important senses, common sense.

Is there a chance that we will perform Three Fly or the Matrix in our routine we have not changed since 1974.  Likely not.  But if asked to perform a new trick, we will likely have a go (an “English” way of saying “we will try”) at performing the Matrix because it is so darn pretty with the T.U.C. package.

This is not a cheap trick but the type of engineering required to make it likely  not inexpensive (that’s a scholar’s way of saying “it cost a lot”) and that’s okay.  It means fewer will own this FISM Award Winning effect.  That makes us special and unique (which is a lazy editor’s way of saying “special” or “unique”).

Visit Tango Magic this very instant to check out the T.U.C. coins in different denominations.  We assume that means the denominations of the coins and not their religious affiliations.

Inside Magic Review – Five out of Five Stars!

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