Non-Magic, Strictly Speaking

Inside Magic prides itself in bringing the very latest magic news to magicians around the globe.  Our tens of readers depend on us for such news and we hope to never disappoint with filler or advertisements cloaked as magic news.  We obviously had some stumbles in both departments over the past 20 years we’ve been publishing.

Who can forget (unfortunately none of our readers) our filler contributions:

Spoons are Great! – June 22, 1994

Why We Love Automobiles – March 17, 2001

Magic Backwards is Cigam! – December 1, 2017

Spoons Continue to be Great! – February 2, 2018

None of these were worth the space on which they were written and each of which garnered harsh (appropriately so) criticism from readers.

In the category of advertisements:

Magic Miracle Ointment Removes Warts and Bad Breath – August 5, 1992

Here’s a Skateboard that Tells the Future – October 11, 1996

Why You Should Hire a Unicyclist for Your Next Event – January 31, 2001

This Pasta Will Make You Rich (without Sauce) – May 30, 2017

Gold for Free! – September 8, 2018

Your Saliva May Cure Others – December 31, 2018

Notwithstanding our failures in ethics and proper advertising regulations, we do run across non-magic items that we want to bring to our dear readers’ attention.  We have just such an item today.  It comes from our favorite comedy team of all time, Laurel and Hardy.

The clip is not Magic per se or even per quod but it warms our cold, bitter heart and brings a smile to our misaligned visage without fail.  Check out the clip from Way Out West — one of our very favorite Laurel and Hardy films.

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