A Father’s Magic Show Comes to New Jersey

Our father was and is a great magician.

So, when an article starts with a title “Not Your Father’s Magic Show,” we wonder if they knew our father.  In his prime, he was as daring as the next daring person and would wear straitjackets underwater in a locked glass tank.  He pushed rods of steel through his midsection and wore suits that defied the fashion trends of the day.

But we understand why The Two Rivers newspaper began its review of The Champions of Magic with such a line.  Most fathers did not attend shows that showed such daring-do or risked so much before a live audience as did The Champions of Magic in their prior performances in England and as they promise to perform in New Jersey in the coming week.

“Audiences will witness the impossible, including disappearances, levitation, teleportation and a heart-stopping finale, all presented with lighting and special effects to rival the biggest theatrical spectacles.

The five magicians include Kayla Drescher, who was named the Next Great Magician by David Copperfield (whom we love because she is a great performer and we have a serious shoe fetish),  Alex McAleer has the ability to tap into his audiences’ minds and read their thoughts. From straitjackets to water tanks and handcuffs to giant steel traps, Fernando Velasco faces some of the deadliest escape stunts ever performed. Thanks to their spectacular illusions and viral videos, Young & Strange have been featured on television shows around the globe.”

Everything written by The Two Rivers Times’ reporter Mary Ann Bourbeau is accurate except the part about our dad.

It will likely be a sold-out show and so we advise you make your seat selection now.  You will not likely see these magicians all in one show again.  They will be at the spectacular Count Basie Theatre Friday, September 7 through Sunday, September 9th.

Tickets are $29 to $59. For more information, visit http://thebasie.org/.

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