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Inside Magic Image of Innovative BunnyWe have been off-line for quite a while.  We were hacked by someone (or something) and have had to restore our databases of stories going back to the late 1930’s.  Why people would hack a humble magic news blog is beyond us, but then again, so is algebra and cutting straight with sharp scissors.

The good news is that we have restored almost all of the databases.  We lost a few packets of information but most of those articles were from the era when we were publishing according to the whims of our old editor, Paw Lawton.  Paw has gone to meet his reward.  By that, we mean that he turned his sister into the deputies, collected her bounty and is now living in Lakeland, Florida.

The Paw Lawton stretch of stories mostly dealt with thing Paw found interesting, like gambling and the history of gambling and his personal history of gambling and inappropriate limericks.  For the staff at Inside Magic, those were dark days.  Paw was beloved – probably, by someone, maybe his mom – and an institution in the Hardy magic family.  He had worked with and for two of our predecessors in the Hardy magic dynasty (pronounced “digh-nsty” and not, “da nasty”).

So, we lost many of the Paw Lawton stories – but somehow we will carry on.   We must.  Not because it is what Paw would have wanted – he would have wanted a lot more gambling stories and provocative images illustrating limericks – but because we are contractually obligated to do so.

It is good to be back.

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2 thoughts on “Magic Site Hacked – Ours”

  1. I wondered where you had gone, I checked all the usual spots; behind the hand, finger palm, change bag secret pocket but you had completely vanished!
    Nice trick!

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