Eric DeCamps in ‘Pure Magic’ Homage to Rene Lavand

Eric DeCampsThe New Jersey Herald reports sleight of hand master Eric DeCamps will be performing his Pure Magic — A Performance of Contemporary Conjuring this Saturday at the Sparta Avenue Stage.

Mr. DeCamps will perform at 7:00 and 9:00 pm dedicated to Argentinian close-up maestro Rene Lavand.  Mr. Levand was a guest on the Ed Sullivan Show and Johnny Carson’s The Tonight Show and a true legend in our business.  He passed away last week.

Mr. DeCamps has serious skills as well.  He was The Society of American Magicians’ Magician of the Year and only the second person to receive the Society’s prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence for Close Up Magic.

Mr. Levand was a mentor to Mr. DeCamps.

“He was an inspiration to so many in and out of the world of magic. I admired his artistry, respected him as a person and cherished his advice, friendship and mentorship. I am adding an additional performance piece inspired by Rene’s work. The piece is not part of the original show program. It is one that Rene and I spoke about over the phone. However, much to my sorrow, I never had the opportunity to actually show him the finished piece in performance.”

Pure Magic — A Performance of Contemporary Conjuring is a special Valentine evening edition of the Sparta Avenue Stage’s Friday Night Magic Series. Admission is $20 and  you can learn more about the event at the Sparta Avenue Stage’s website here:

Visit Mr. DeCamps’ website here.


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