Terrorist Beheaded Magician for Performing Magic

Sad BunnyWhen we read reports on Twitter of a Syrian magician’s beheading at the hands of terrorists, we hoped it was not true.

Unfortunately, it appears the horrible event happened last Wednesday, January 14th.

According to The International Business Times:

“A street magician in Syria beloved by children was beheaded by Islamic State group militants after his performances were deemed to be insulting to God.  The murder of the magician, who was known as ‘Sorcerer,’ was called ‘barbarism and butchery’ by a Syrian activist who knew him but fled to safety in nearby Turkey.”

The Daily Mirror had the original story:

“The magician was a popular man who entertained people with little tricks on the street like making coins or a phone disappear.  He was just called Sorcerer by people, and children loved him. He was doing nothing anti-Islamic, but he paid for it with his life.”

According to the Mirror, the terrorists considered the magician’s tricks anti-Islamic because they were performed through “illusions and falsehood.”  They claimed that their holy scripture forbid the performance of such tricks because it took time better spent by going to a mosque.

Apparently the performer was well-known to the residents of Raqqa, the Syrian city where the terrorist organization is based.  He was taken during a performance and later beheaded in a public square.

We try to keep things light here on Inside Magic.  Usually that is not tough to do.  Today, however, it seems impossible.

The unnamed magician, his family, friends and those whom his magic touched are in our prayers.

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