We’re the David Copperfield of Magic Blogs

Inside Magic Image of Dominck DeCarloWe don’t know what that means but apparently it is a thing now.

Over the weekend we were perusing Hiawatha World online — as we are wont to do from time-to-time, when we want to catch up on events in Hiawatha, Kansas — and read of a hypnotist by the name of Dominick De Carlo.

The article promoted Mr. DeCarlo upcoming show at the Sac & Fox Casino next Saturday, November 15th.

“DeCarlo, known as the David Copperfield of the hypnosis world, will invite audience members to join him onstage for an evening of mesmerizing discovery and hilarious fun.”

His show sounds pretty interesting.

“It’s amazing what comes out under hypnosis,” Mr. DeCarlo told the Hiawatha World reporter .  Using a special technique called “an induction,” Mr. DeCarlo calms the conscious mind to address the sub-conscious.  “That’s where things get interesting. It makes a lot of fun for the audience.”

There was not an explanation of his title, “The David Copperfield of the hypnosis world” and we wonder how one attains such a prestigious appellation.  Perhaps there is an international body that judges the abilities of performers in various fields and labels them accordingly.  For instance, the woman at the blood bank who told us we needed to wait a full 24-hours between donations might be the David Copperfield of psuedo-medical office staff.  Or maybe the bus driver who asked us to turn down our iPod before noting that we didn’t have an iPod but were just humming show tunes could be the David Copperfield of municipal transportation workers.

Is there a Criss Angel or David Blaine of the hypnosis world?

We are confused by this news or it could be the anemia and hunger.

If you are in Kansas, check out Mr. DeCarlo’s HYPNOVIDEO show.  It promises to be a “multimedia extravaganza of videos, music, lighting and special effects. It takes the audience on an unforgettable journey of the mind, where reality is not really reality.”  Sounds very cool.

For more information go to: http://www.hiawathaworldonline.com/news/article_1a1d055b-fb6a-51d3-9b48-19f80df95701.html


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