Where Have We Been? Vague but Deliberately So

Inside Magic Image of Innovative BunnyWe have been out of the loop for a little while and apologize to our loyal reader(s) for the dearth of topical writing the last few weeks.

It has been a wonderful time of exploration and development, filled with the opportunities of many lifetimes strewn across our path.  Could we be more vague? Likely not.

We traveled (voluntarily) to special places on behalf of concerned parties to engage other parties in constructive dialogue to bring to fruition mutually desired goals and, thereby, ultimately satisfaction for all concerned.

Now, we are not saying this was a special mission for which we were dispatched by a friendly government but then again, we’re not not saying that either.

Along our travels we had a chance to check out some great magic.  Unfortunately, because the locations of our meetings is considered secret, we cannot tell you too much about what we saw.  But we can try.

This article has been reviewed by our client/agency and they have redacted what they consider to be sensitive information.

Our first stop was the beautiful city of XXXXXX in the XXXXXX regions of XXXXXX. If you ever get a chance to visit XXXXXXX, you must do it.  We went to the XXXXXX theatre, just west of the old XXXXXX and XXXXXX where the bus stop used to be.  It was incredible.  We had the fried XXXX and XXXXXX with a big glass of XXXXXXX.    The magic was great as well.  We saw GXXXXX LXXXXX and his XXXXX perform their classic XXXXXX in a Bottle.  You may be familiar with his previous method for XXXXXXX in a Bottle but you need to see his new approach.  The XXXXX does not only look live – it is LIVE!  Incredible.  Plus all of the problems we used to associate with the old method are gone.  No more lice or ring worm – at least that we could see.

If there is one thing XXXXXXX does better than any European city, it is XXXXXX and Milk Duds. It is a special taste treat that is worthy of your consideration and you need to get them fresh.  You can only do that in XXXXXXXX.  Believe us, we have been to the XXXXXXX stores in the airports and they do not compare.  Perhaps you cannot get fresh XXXXXXX anywhere but XXXXXX?  While we were there we ran into our old friend Jerry XXXXX and his new girlfriend Inga XXXXXXson.  She didn’t look a day over XXX but it could be the fresh XXXXXX air or maybe she lied about her age.  Inga has some sick moves with cards.  How sick?  We wanted to wear a hazmat suit while she was performing.  She can multiple cut and shuffle with either hand.  Jerry was up to his old tricks and performed a “work in progress” where he XXXXXXX a XXXXX barehanded.  We wouldn’t have believed it if we had not seen it for ourselves.    And he called it a “work in progress.”

There is nothing like a nice warm cup of XXXX after a long day of traveling through the XXXXX region of XXXXX looking for XXXXX or a dog with a bow tie — if you know what we mean, and we think you do. We enjoyed our mug full of XXXX and maybe one or two XXXXXs as we met with our new found friend Mr. XXXXXX.  This guy is only XX years old but already has the respect of everyone in the local magic community.  We asked him to show us his best trick and he did.  It was incredible.  Imagine a combination of Rising Cards and the Hydrostatic Glass done with raw XXXX and KELP!    Did we say that already?  It was incredible.  We are still picking the kelp out of our teeth but happy to do so – it was worth it being that close when he did the grand finale.

Back home in West Hollywood, California. We had a great time on our trip and while it was for business, we had a chance to enjoy ourselves as well.  The bakery for dog food that we live near brought us a basket of goodies – they’re for dogs but they taste good for us humans – and a big bowl full of their Doggie Dom Perignon to welcome us back.  We lapped it up with delight.  We fully intend to buy furniture and stop eating off the floor as soon as our travel schedule slows down.

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  1. Obviously you had a great time in XXXXXX. I know where you went, but I will keep your secret.
    Glad you are back.

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