Japan Week at the Magic Castle

The Magic CastleThe world famous Magic Castle is hosting some incredible magicians from Japan during their appropriately titled, Japan Week.

We had a chance to see Wakaba in the Parlor of Prestidigitation after watching the Palace of Mystery show starring HAMAchan, Toritto and Masataka Jimbo.

It was a fantastic evening and we will be going back for more this evening.

Wakaba was both charming and funny. She endears herself almost immediately with the audience and is able to overcome (or skillfully take advantage of) any language issue that may exist. Her character on stage is vulnerable and adorable whilst being funny and genuinely charming.

Toritto was the emcee for the Palace of Mystery show and did a great job of getting a slightly rowdy audience in-line and on his side. The first act was HAMAchan and his very lovely assistant. They owned the stage and took over the room with high energy, quirky comedy and great magic. We loved their dances and their impromptu interplay with volunteers from the audience.

Toritto performed the second set mixing comedy and skill with a unique take on the Slydini Paper Ball routine. This effect can and has been done poorly by so many magicians, it was great to see someone with Toritto’s skill and audience management ability do it justice.

The Palace of Mystery finale was Masataka Jimbo. He performed an impossible manipulation act to a stunned audience. He had productions that we cannot explain and assume, therefore, he is a witch of some sort. We almost tired of the woman sitting directly in front of us yelping, “No, no way!” with each more astounding demonstration. His last production caught us off guard and we actually mimicked the woman in front of us, joining her in an exasperated, “No, no way!” of our own. Embarrassingly, our voice was about an octave higher than hers but in synch word-for-word.

A great night and we are looking forward to more this evening and throughout the weekend.

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