Joshua Jay Announces Lecture Tour for USA

Joshua Jay - Magician, Author, and Good Guy We just received a nice note from the amazing Joshua Jay.  He is about to launch his new tour of the US!

I am embarking on my first lecture in years, all across the US. And I’m bringing along Anna, my longtime girlfriend who many of you have met at various shows and conventions. She and I have never seen some of the national parks, museums, and great cities this nation has to offer, and so we’re hitting the road to do 25 lectures and a healthy dose of sightseeing. If you are within driving distance of any of these cities, please JOIN US! It will be great fun. Carpool with friends and make the journey. I promise it will be memorable and meaningful.

I’ll be doing LOTS of new material, much of it unpublished. So even if you’re very familiar with my material, there will be many surprises. If you have never seen me perform or lecture, I hope you’ll share an evening with me and experience the original magic I have dedicated my life to developing.

The list of cities I’m visiting is below, along with contact emails in case you have questions about venue and timing in a particular city. You can always reach out to me by email at I’ll be updating with the latest in tour info.

March 11 – Harrisburg
March 12 – Baltimore
March 13 – Va, Beach
March 15 – Richmond
March 17 – Charlotte
March 18 – Raleigh
March 19 – Atlanta
March 22 – Orlando
March 24 – W. Palm Beach
March 27 – Ft. Lauderdale
March 28 – Ft. Myers
March 30 – Huntsville, AL
April 1 – Nashville
April 3 – Chattanooga
April 4 – Birmingham
April 7 – Memphis
April 8 – Little Rock
April 10 – Albuquerque
April 14 – Tucson
April 15 – Las Vegas
April 17 – Los Angeles
April 21 – Sacramento
April 22 – San Francisco
April 25 – Boise
May 7 – Salt Lake City
May 13 – Denver
May 15 – St. Louis
May 16 – Indianapolis

I would LOVE to meet you, talk to you about what’s fun to do in your area, and show you some of my very favorite and newest routines. See you very soon!

Joshua Jay

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