Teller Wins Copied Magic Trick Lawsuit

You might know Teller as an excellent magician part of the Penn and Teller couple. But more recently you might have heard news on his lawsuit against a Belgian entertainer who used YouTube to post a copycat illusion belonging to Teller. James Mahan, the Nevada District Judge who ruled the case decided that Teller had every right to sue the copycat entertainer. As you might already know by now, magic tricks are not technically allowed to have copyrights. Pantomimes, however, can be protected with the help of copyrights, and Teller used this information to his best advantages. He used the idea according to which magicians convey their emotions and feelings using gestures, just like pantomimes, while performing their magic acts.

Shadows – Tellers Four-Decade Magic Trick

The magic trick that has been under trial has been created and performed by Teller for more than four decades. The act itself requires the use of a spotlight that is casted on a bud vase which encompasses a rose. The light falls so that the real rose’ shadow can be projected onto a white screen placed at a distance behind. The magician uses a large knife to cut off the leaves and petals of the rose’s shadow on the screen, while the genuine corresponding leaves of the flower start to fall.

Penn, Teller’s partner said that the secret of the act has never been revealed and no one knows how it is done. However, a Belgian entertainer named Gerard Dogge tried to replicate the exact same act in a YouTube video called “The Rose and Her Shadow”. Plus, he stated he will reveal the secret for $3,050. The lawsuit soon followed and Teller finally came out with flying colors.

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