Inside Magic Editors: Sharing is Caring

Inside Magic Image of Attractive Reader Showing Shock at Finding Republished Magic StoriesIt is tough working as an editor at Inside Magic.

Yes, the pay is incredible and the offices in downtown Mystic Hollow, Michigan are without compare.

We enjoy the club memberships, the morning coffee break, full gourmet luncheon with exciting guest speakers, the newly instituted policies discouraging most instances of corporal punishment and verbal humiliation, not to  mention the free weekly magic shows and clog dancing contests.

But it is difficult to write inaccurate, misleading and fully invented stories about magicians and the art of magic on a daily basis.

Outlandish ideas besmirching innocent public targets don’t grow on trees.  Scandal and gossip is easily created when based on at least a shred of truth.  We do not always have that luxury.

That’s why we are turning to you, the Inside Magic reader for help.

Our high-priced demographic surveys show that our readers almost universally:

1) Leave their house more than twice a week;

2) Know people to whom they are not directly or indirectly related;

3) Read or know someone who will read to them;

4) Like to watch, do, learn about and/or buy magic; and,

5) Have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Those are the characteristics of  just the type of contributor we need.

Shortly after the Burger Wars of the late 1980’s we were forced to close many of our foreign and domestic news bureaus.  As a consequence, we do not have the live information feed from places and people outside of Mystic Hollow we once enjoyed.

That’s where the sharing and caring comes in.

If you know of magic happenings in your locale, we would be excited to hear about it.

You can send a fully-written article, review, essay or press release for publication with full credit to you.  We can also send story ideas, links of interest and blurbs for us to follow.

We  made a simple form to get started.  There cannot pay you for your contribution — at least not in money — but we will like you and say very nice things about you.  Please be sure the submissions are your original work or that you have permission to submit the work to us.

Thank you in advance for bringing new blood, truth and news of interest to Inside Magic.

You can find our submission form here.

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