Magicians Have Their Own Fun Too

While the work of a magician is to entertain his audience by presenting wondrous acts of magic that can trigger amazement, smiles, and other similar adrenaline-pumping feelings, at the end of the day a magician is still a regular human being in seek and need for a personal means of entertainment. In other words, all magicians needs to find hobbies and passions outside their line of work that can help them relax and get in touch with their inners selves, having something else entertain them and getting mentally prepared for their next shows. Today we are going to discuss one excellent idea of a hobby for a magician – casino slots online.

Bejeweled 2 – The Magic Of The Reels


Bejeweled 2 Slot is a game you can play on the Ladbrokes site – found under the 5 reel slots tab. The game is a 20-line game rewarding players when managing to match 2 to 5 consecutive symbols on active win lines. To make the game even more fun, there are three different scatter symbols that can lead players to some extra bonus games to keep the magic going for a magician looking to have some fun. The rules of the game are simple to follow and all one needs to do is visit the Paytable page and look at the payouts given for winning line combos. A winning line consists of a combo of at least two symbols that match. Players also enjoy the freedom of selecting the desired number of lines to play (1-20) at a time by making full use of the up/down arrows. The fun Bejeweled 2 game makes it easy for players to select their desired stake for each line they play; there is even an AutoPlay option that enables the play of a predefined number of games (10-50) one after the other. The Wild Symbols add more salt and pepper to the game, while the Free Spins Bonus Game, the Bejeweled Bonus Game, or the Wheel Of Riches Bonus Game turn Bejeweled 2 into the ideal slots game.

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