Mac King: Better than Copperfield

Inside Magic Image of Person Watching Our Double Wide HomeThe big time professional magicians spend buckets of moolah hoping to entice just one more customer in the door.  And these are magicians who have talent far beyond even the best of the best in our local Rings or Assemblies.  

The advertising consultants we've consulted unanimously agree the best type of advertisement is also the toughest to create, word of mouth. 

We were impressed by the praise heaped upon Inside Magic Favorite Mac King in a pithy review posted on Trip Advisor this morning. 

Under the title, “Better than David Copperfield” a traveler from the Midwest penned just a few sentences that likely has more power than any paid-for advertisement Mr. King could muster.

Mac King, who looks like a blonde Paul McCartney, is much more genuine and entertaining than David Copperfield, who comes off as jaded and almost contemptuous of his audience. I laughed at King's silly jokes in spite of myself because he seemed like such a nice guy. This show is definitely worth the money and time spent. Go see it!

We hate to see two fantastic magicians compared against each other in this way and hope that readers of the Trip Advisor site are able to overlook this poster's negative impressions of  Mr. Copperfield's act.  Not to sound too much like your mother, but we love both acts and each magician equally.  They are each special.

Additionally, we never saw Mac King as a "blonde Paul McCartney" but have noticed that each time we have seen his show at Harrah's in Vegas, Paul McCartney was not to be seen.  We're not saying this is like a "Dancing Bear – Captain Kangaroo" situation where the Captain would always just miss seeing the much-heralded dancing bear thus leading some to suggest that it was the Captain within the costume.  Still, it seems more than a coincidence and perhaps this citizen poster has a point. 

We have taken the liberty of requesting DNA from Paul McCartney and will compare it with that which we have sampled from a goldfish we perloined from Mac King's show.  Once we have the former Beatle's scrapings, we will post the results. 

If Paul McCartney provides a sufficient amount of DNA, we will divide it into smaller bits and sell it on eBay to pay for the rather expensive DNA Comparator 3000 Plus we purchased for this journalistic investigation.  Why not just sell the DNA Comparator 3000, some may ask.  

We intend to obtain and compare the DNA of several pairs of very similar people for our new, non-magic website, On our list:  Miley Cyrus and Hanna Montana, the Lindsay Lohan looking twins in Parent Trap, Dr. Evil and Austin Powers, and a former girlfriend and the woman who rented the single-wide across from the Inside Magic double-wide and stares intently through bent and broken blinds. 

You can read all of the reviews of Mac King written by uncompensated, real-life audience members at Trip Advisor here: Better than David Copperfield – Review of Mac King Comedy, Las Vegas, NV – TripAdvisor.

Check out Mac King's web site here:

And visit the equally great David Copperfield here:

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