Magician T.A. Hamilton Wows ‘Em in Kansas

Inside Magic Image of Magician T.A. Hamilton and his Lovely AssistantMagician T. A. Hamilton’s show “Magic Ka-Zam!” picked up some fans and great press in today's Emporia State University's daily The Bulletin

The publication described Mr. Hamilton's performance at the Granada Theater in glowing terms and credited the performer with raising money for two local charities.   

More importantly, for us anyway, he had some great lines that we will steal and use as often as possible. 

“I started doing magic at somewhat of an early age,” Hamilton said. “Not in the womb, but right after that.”

Mr. Hamilton has been around and worked with the best.   He worked with David Copperfield, a pyrotechnician for Earth Wind & Fire, Emerson Lake & Palmer and KISS, and was recently nominated for a performance at the White House.

He prefers the family shows, however.

“Family audiences are my passion,” Hamilton said. “I do corporate and school events, and I have fun doing those, but family audiences are definitely my passion.”

The act “Magic Ka-Zam!” features comedy magic and is geared toward audiences of all ages.

He ended the performance with Zig-Zag and a levitation featuring his lovely assistant.

“What I do is I lead my audience down the garden path,” said Hamilton, “and then, I turn the sprinklers on.”

Classic line.  If we're ever asked we'll credit T.A. Hamilton as the inventor — but only if we're asked.

Check out the full article here:

Be sure to visit his home on the web here:

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