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Secular media fails to give local magic clubs the attention they deserve and so it is nice to see The Lansdale Patch (Pennsylvania) cover a recent meeting of the Lansdale Magic Club held at the local library.

The article featured amateur Royersford magician Ryan Adamowicz describe as having the the "rapport a magician should have with his or her audience." "The typical, corny humor you expect with a magician was right before your eyes."

We have so many shibboleths in our field to discern the magician from non-magician. Magicians call handkerchiefs "silks," rolled newspapers "cones," and the creation of flowers, silks, balls or animals, "productions." Even the order of words can be a give-away.

The Magically Amazing Ryan performed his favorite trick – the balls and cups. It involves shiny metal cups, miniature tennis balls, disappearing and reappearing, transportation from one cup to another – the usual spiel.

The feature does a great service to Mr. Adamowicz, tracing his career from age five when he encountered the Houdini Magic Kit through present.

"I've been doing magic my whole life, but for the past three years, I've been doing it more steadily," he said. "I'm getting shows, getting out there."

Mr. Adamowicz gives a nice plug to Lansdale's magic store, Kurt's Magic World. The reporter notes it is one of the last brick-and-mortar shops in the Philadelphia environs.

Kurt Brasch is the owner of the eponymous Kurt's Magic World and serves dedicated enthusiasts with fellow magicians John Walton and Marlin Hess.

Mr. Brasch moved the shop from a local mall to his current location 200 W. Main St. in Lansdale, PA, because he wanted "a real shop." He said the store has seen business from as far away as New Jersey and New York. Like any "real magic shop," Kurt's Magic World takes time to help customers (and potential customers) personally. "We get people in all the time: 'Can you help me with this?' 'Can you show me how to do that?'" Mr. Walton said.

Mr. Brasch started the monthly Magic Club at the library and, if the last meeting was representative, has launched or re-launched the careers of many magicians.

Mr. Adamowicz gives a shout out to New York Magician Cosmo and Inside Magic Favorite Gazzo.

Visit Mr. Adamowicz' website to take part in his clever poll whether he is "more amazing or magical" here: Magically Amazing Ryan.

Check out the full article here in today's The Lansdale Patch.

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