Magic Teaches Important Lessons

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Adrian Shepherd writes a very interesting blog at  

It has more substance than many personal growth / success training sites on the interwide webs.  Many appear to be a rehash of someone else's thoughts or posts — often with the same typographical errors.

Mr. Shepherd posted an article yesterday discussing lessons he has received from our favorite art form.  

He had us at the first sentence:

"Wherever I go I nearly always have a deck of playing cards with me. Why?"

It turns out the reason why puts him squarely within the aggregated mindset of the typical magician or magic enthusiast.

"Because a few years ago I spent 2 hours each night practicing magic. The hard work paid off and I became quite good."

He is not currently working as a magician but notes in a post script he is always ready to put on an impromptu show with his ever-ready deck of cards and a mental catalog of favorite tricks.

The key lesson: "it wasn’t the elaborate tricks that amazed most people but some of the easiest.

He makes a credible analogy to sales and professional improvement that is certainly  worthy of a read.  You can check out the article at


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