With Whom Would You Dine: Condi, Blaine, Dr. Weill or Glenn Beck?

Inside Magic Image of Condi Rice David Blaine will be in Naples on March 1, 2012 as part of town’s speaker series held at the beautiful and, by definition, ritzy Ritz-Carlton.

His talk is scheduled to follow the February 1st talk to be given by Dr. Andrew Weill.  Dr. Weill is known to those who would know of such people as “a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit.”

This puts David Blaine in rare company.  The series kicks off with Glenn Beck on January 7, 2012.  Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the final speaker on March 20.

Without regard to politics, it does make for an interesting cast, n’est-ce pas?

Interested in checking out the series?  You’ll need $700.00 for a ticket.  That gets you in to all four talks.  Hungry and lonely?  Well, for a mere $1,500, you can get a ducat to the dinner series, which includes a private cocktail reception, dinner and 45 minute question and answer session with the speakers.  Wanting a little more, how should we phrase it, intimacy with Glenn, Doc, David and Condi?  You can become a Town Hall Benefactor.  Upon receipt of your cash or check for $5,250.00, you will receive “exclusive access for two with priority seating, a private cocktail reception, dinner and 45-minute question and answer period, plus entry to special events and an invitation to dine with one guest speaker.”

Who would you choose for your one-on-one din-din?

David Blaine, a doctor that can help you live longer and with more joy, Glenn Beck who can do something that you might like or dislike but will surely cause you to react in some visceral manner, or the delightful Condi Rice.  All four would be interesting but if we’re paying more than $5K for dinner, we don’t want to eat with Glenn Beck or Dr. David Weill.  Glenn might get some sputter juice on our salad as he goes off on a rant.  Dr. David Weill would try to be nice about it all but we would know deep down he disapproved of our food choices.

Condi Rice would be fascinating to debrief on her eight years at the White House and around the world.  Plus she is prettier than Glenn Beck and David Blaine put together — and we don’t even want to think about that image.

But we would feel awkward sitting with some super smart, attractive, Russian-speaking, Secretary of State and National Security Adviser, with killer legs acting like we knew what the heck she was talking about and pretending to understand the nuance world that lies outside of Magic.  Plus, we would want to touch her hair and the Secret Service might not approve.  She may not get Secret Service protection but we’re pretty sure she’d have some discrete para-military protection cadre once she discovered we were her dinner date.  “If he goes for the hair, tase him . . . twice!”

We would stick with David Blaine.  We’d bring a deck of cards and try to interest him in a mini and very expensive jam session.  He wrote in his first book that it is almost impossible to hand a magician a deck of cards and expect he will not start to perform flourishes or tricks.  We agree with him.  Normal people can hold decks of cards and not feel the need to perform a Charlier Pass (yes, we know sophisticated magi refer to it as a “cut”) or really accurate Faro Shuffles.  Or so we assume.  We don’t hang with those types.  And if someone in our immediate vicinity were to have a deck of cards and was not running them through their paces, we’d snatch them and show why God created playing cards in the first place.

Tickets to the 2012 Naples Town Hall Speaker Series are selling-out quickly. Don’t miss your chance to subscribe! Visit our website www.NaplesTownHall.org or call Naples Town Hall at 659-6524 to purchase series subscriptions.

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