Illusionist Carl Michael Kicks Off Myrtle Beach Broadway at the Beach

We received word from Broadway at the Beach that illusionist Carl Michael will take center stage five nights a week at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. through June and July.

Michael will intrigue and engage people of all ages with his showcase of large illusions and other family-oriented tricks.

Carl Michael will be performing Metamorphosis, the “Wonders of Sandz,” and the Sword Box. The show runs about a half hour and is free of charge.

Carl is originally from Portsmouth, Ohio but now considers himself a permanent resident of the seaside resort city, Myrtle Beach.

We understand he began with the same effect with which we started our illustrious career, the Ball and Vase.

Unlike Carl Michael, we never really got passed the Ball and Vase. In fact, our Vegas show “Ball-N-Vase and Pretty Face” featured the world’s largest Ball and Vase prop. Built of several shades of solid mahogany, the trick cost us just over $32,500.00 to have built in one of the few Ball and Vase kraftswerks remaining. Located in the Bavarian Forest of Germany, Großen Zaubertrick remains one of our favorite magic manufacturers. We purchased a Three Shell Game with shells as large as the cranium of a adolescent blue whale. The pea was about the size of your average bean bag chair. The first time we tried to use it, the force of the pea ejection took out our neighbor’s deck and tiki lights.

The Ball and Vase was beautiful but heavy. Sort of like Oprah but less new agey. It took five men to lift on to the stage, three men to lift the top the first time, two men for the second time, and three again for the final reveal. Instead of placing the ball in our pocket or even an over-sized pocket-like structure, we blew it up good. The ball would then return to its starting position under the massive top and the audience went crazy. Actually, he may have already been crazy because he was the only one who didn’t get a comped ticket to our first and only show at the Tropicana. In fact, none of the folks who got the comp tickets attended so he probably felt doubly stupid.

We closed that night, broke and in need of a new big, wood-looking ball that we could blow-up and hopefully put back together.

David Copperfield took pity on us and purchased the effect as is for slightly less than 1/32,500 of what we paid.

We were relieved we didn’t have to move it anywhere. The five guys quit after hearing their pay would be comp tickets to the next show.

But back to a real magician, Carl Michael. He has performed in more than 20 states across the country, some of which included private shows for numerous A-list celebrities as well as some of America’s top corporate companies. He is a lifetime member of The International Magicians Society, and performs an average of 150 shows per year.

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To visit Carl Michael’s home on the web, click this link:

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