The Spencers: Lovin’ It on the Road

Inside Magic Image of Kevin and Cindy Spencer from their Web Site spencersmagic.comSomeone far brighter than your dedicated authors quipped, “do something you enjoy, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Our maternal uncle (in the full sense of the phrase) is proof of the aphorism’s validity.

He loved kiting checks and defacing public restrooms with childlike images of his broken home life using glitter and Elmer’s glue.  He currently is free of any work responsibilities at nearby Gullwig, Michigan.  While he is denied access to checks, money orders, or craft supplies, he finds a way to occupy his time and hands. He is, in the word of his warden, “happy.”

Further proof that work does not have to be work appears to be evident in the magical act The Spencers.

As reported in The Folsom Telegraph today, Kevin and Cindy Spencer spend most of their time touring and have shows this in Carmel at the Sunset Center on April 2nd, the next day at Three Stages at Folsom Lake College in Folsom, and on April 5th at the Laxton Auditorium in Chico, California before they load the trucks and head to the beautiful Art Deco Ross Ragland Theater in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

“We’re on the road about 10 months of the year,” he said. “We do between four and seven shows per week, 40 to 45 weeks per year. You know, for a guy who has always wanted to do this, it’s pretty neat to wake up in a new town and perform on a new stage every day.

“People ask me if I would I ever want to settle in a Vegas or a Branson,” he said. “I can’t think of anything more boring than to be on the same stage everyday.”

Kevin Spencer describes the show as family friendly with the 18 to 35-year-old demographic in mind.

“So many times when people think of a magic show, they think, ‘let’s bring kids to the show.’ But ours is really developed for an adult audience,” he said. “This is really a show that every age group can enjoy. It is family friendly.”

The Spencers are two of our favorite people in the business.  They are magicians and stars of our craft, but more importantly, they are truly good people who earnestly look to do well by those they meet.

Check out The Spencers’ Home on the Web at

You can see the incredible venue The Three Stages here.

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