Speechless: JabbaWockeez Takes Lance’s Spot

The Buddha or Lao Tsu or Tommy Cooper once said, you can hold a stream or keep it from changing.

Maybe that was Mark Twain.  It’s not important, though.  The bigger picture those words were intended to paint faces all of us in 3-D glory and THX Surround Sound.  It’s called life.

Lance Burton left the Monte Carlo and our take on the scenario features the Monte Carlo people being jerks to Inside Magic Favorite Lance Burton.

Lance is too good a guy to be a jerk back to them or to even make a public statement other than one he made; thanking the hotel for wonderful years performing in The Lance Burton Theatre.

Journey into our mind warp for one second.  Let us assume for the sake of argument that Monte Carlo Muckety-Mucks were trying to force Lance out despite having just signed him to an extension on his contract.

Let us also assume, arguendo, they wanted to force Lance Burton from The Lance Burton Theatre to bring in new acts that might not cost as much.  Perhaps they could even four-wall The Lance Burton Theatre and charge acts for the privilege of performing on the hallowed stage.

If that is why the Monte Carlo Capos wanted Lance Burton out for another act with similar drawing power and far lower costs; they took their shot and have likely failed.

While there was a rumor or two that impressionist Frank Caliendo was going to take the Stage of alll Stages, management found the replacement act and its not Frank or another magician, or even someone we would normally not cross the street to see if they were handing out free sample-sized packages of emotional stability or chewing tobacco.

The wacky JabbaWockeez will be working their own kind of magic straight from American Idol or America’s Got Talent.  They  seem like nice people and they are doing that crazy dance thing that all the kids love, the Funky Chicken or something called Jabbawockeez.  Zap2it defines this school of dance as:

For the uninitiated, the JabbaWockeez is a freestyle/hip-hop dance crew that mixes locking, popping, house, b-boy moves and anything else that inspires them from martial arts to Gene Kelly.

The river of life flows around all attempts to fix it in place.  There is no sense in fighting it and while the kids with their popping and locking seem fun, we are still in mourning.

It’s just too soon for us.

Read the full article on Zap2it here:  JabbaWockeez MUS.I.C. at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas: A behind-the-mask expose – From Inside the Box – Zap2it.

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