Steve Carell to Star in Vegas Magician Flick

Image of Steve Carell - New Star of Magic-Themed Movie According to Variety, Steve  Carell of The Office, Bruce Almighty, and The 40 Year-Old Virgin fame, is bidding for the  ‘Burt Wonderstone’  role in a new magic-themed film.

The plot seems interesting: Burt Wonderstone is the typical Las Vegas magician working through some issues on his way back to the top.  Chief among those nagging concerns is his accidental killing of his partner.

Mr. Carell has cache and clout in Hollywood.  The script sat on shelves in New Line Cinema’s offices for four or five years looking for that special something to attract investors.

The film does not yet have a director, producer, key grip, best man, clapper-loader, caterer, or unit accountant but it has Steve Carrell.  Apparently the rest will follow in his footsteps.  Everyone likes a winner and Mr. Carrell’s film and television track record looks solid, bankable.

That being said, Carell’s schedule is packed. He just finished filming ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and will soon be acting in ‘The Abstinence Teacher’ due to release in 2012. Then again, considering it took four years for the script to find a potential actor, maybe it’s perfect timing.

Check out the full story as summarized from a press release covered in Variety and syndicated to several sites.  Steve Carell Wants to be ‘Burt Wonderstone’ on the Hollywood news site: Get The Big Picture.

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