Copperfield Rape Lawsuit Dropped

The Washington U.S. Attorney’s office closed their criminal investigation focusing on David Copperfield about three months ago but only after subjecting the magician to a nearly two year investigation, searching his Las Vegas warehouse, seizing cash and other items.

This Tuesday, the Kirkland Washington woman who accused David Copperfield of raping her during a trip to his private island dropped her federal lawsuit.

The plaintiff dropped her suit just days after a federal judge ruled Copperfield’s attorneys could depose her under oath, and three months after local prosecutors charged her with prostitution and filing a false police report.

Bellevue prosecutors say the plaintiff asked a man to “pay $2,000 for sex in a hotel, and then falsely accused the man of trying to rape her because he refused the deal.”

Angelo Calfo, David Copperfield’s counsel with the Seattle firm Yarmuth, Wilsdon and Calfo, told reporters ‘[the Plaintiff’s] lawsuit was nothing but a pathetic attempt to extort Mr Copperfield for money with malicious and false allegations. “There was no settlement. Mr Copperfield would not and did not pay Carroll a dime to drop her lawsuit.”

The Plaintiff told reporters through a written statement “It has never been about money. I just wanted him held accountable for what he did.” You can read the Seattle Post Intelligencer article here. The Daily Mail’s take on the case can be found here

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