Ryan Swigert Helps You and Your Magic iPod

This just in from Inside Magic Favorite Ryan Swigert.  He knows of what he writes.  Be sure to visit his site and sign up for his newsletter and free tricks.

Mr. Swigert will also become a guest contributor to Inside Magic as soon as his agent becomes human and more reasonable.

Have you played around with any of the iPhone magic apps yet?

I just published a new blog post where I share some creative ways to stay in-touch with your audience using your iPhone (or any cell phone).

You can check-it out at Lesson 1.

Also, in a few weeks I will be attending the invite-only FFFF convention.

I am planning to conduct various interviews and Q&A sessions there.

The actual attendee list is pretty hush-hush… I can’t share who will actually be attending this year, but it will be some of the top magicians in the world.

So what questions would you like me to ask them? Simply reply to this email and let me know…

In other news, the U.S. Playing Card Company is ready to print my “special cards”!

If you enjoyed my KickBack you will really enjoy what I have up my sleeve.

I plan on releasing this new trick to the magic community in the late Summer/ early Fall time frame.

I was in Orlando last week and showed magician Jason Wethington a sneak peek at it.

Due to the fact that I’m trying to keep this clean, I cannot print the words that came out of his mouth… Let’s just say he really liked it… 🙂

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