Chicago’s Answer to Magic Castle

Magic Student Resting on Card College BooksKevin Pang of The Chicago Tribune tells us about the Windy City’s new magic enclave and suggests it may be a competitor to the iconic Magic Castle.

Heresy, we murmur.  Still, we were born and reared in Chicago just a few blocks from the old Edgewater Presbyterian Church on Bryn Mawr Avenue.  It was just up the street from the Walgreens and that liquor store that had no compunction about selling booze or girly magazines to 11 year-olds.

The church is no longer a church but the City Lit Theater.  The Trib describes it as an ornate, charmingly old-time performance space with wrap-around, elevated seating for 100. One does not expect a theater like this in a location like here.”

Magic Chicago is the monthly show offered by the performers and includes magic and novelty acts.

Their first performance was in July 2005 and they’ve hosted Max Maven, Arthur Trace, and Michael Ammar.

The Trib provides a psuedo-warning to the lay public:

This show isn’t what most people have in mind when they think of magic. There are no glitzy Vegas productions, with tigers and industrial circular saws. More often than not, minds are blown in the audience, and the performers are close enough to catch the splatter.

We understand Eugene Burger performed his Fear and Fate show this weekend.

Read the full story of the theater’s origins and creative philosophy in The Chicago Tribune here.

Visit Magic Chicago Here.

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