Jonathon Bryce to escape from Corn Burial

Jonathon Bryce, a 30-year-old escape artist from Bloomington Minnesota Readies to Escape from Corn BurialJonathon Bryce will be performing a different kind of burial escape this Saturday in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Anyone can escape from beneath 128 cubic yards of packed soil, cement, or even ice.

Mr. Bryce is going to escape from corn.

According to the Pioneer Press, the 30-year-old Escape Artist wanted a different kind of escape for his leg of the International Brotherhood of Magician’s World Wide Escape Artist Relay.

Corn is different.

Mr. Bryce will allow himself to be handcuffed, chained, and securely locked into a wooden coffin buried four feet beneath approximately three tons of corn. He hopes to not only escape with his life but also raise money for the Twin Cities Shriners Hospital for Children..

“I’ve always wanted to do a buried-alive stunt,” Bryce said. “It’s very heavy and dark. The corn is freezing cold. When you’re under that much corn, the weight is indescribable.”

He tells reporters that he revised his vocabulary as he prepared for the stunt.

“Halfway through building it, I stopped referring to it as a coffin and started referring to it as a box. I think it was psychically easier to handle.” Mr. Bryce’s father has been with him through all of his stunts and recalls fondly how it all began. “When you let two 10-year-old boys tie up another 10-year-old kid, it gets pretty weird,” he said.

If you are in the Twin Cities area, be sure to attend. It is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Sever’s Corn Maze, 1100 Canterbury Road, Shakopee. You can check out the Corn Maze website here:

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