Penn and Teller Pilot Detective Show

Penn and Teller Will Do Pilot for Detective Series

Variety reports Penn & Teller agreed to film a pilot episode featuring the magicians as performers and crime fighters.

The magical duo will serve as Executive Producers of the unnamed show along with the pilot’s writer, Leonard Dick.

Mr. Dick is well-known in Hollywood for his series House, The Mentalist, and Lost.

Variety describes the new show as a “laffer” where the Las Vegas magicians perform at night and solve crime during the day.

Television is not a new medium for the two.  They have worked as guest stars on an assortment of shows and are in the seventh season of their award-winning Showtime Series, Bull***t!.

In fact, Penn, the taller and more loquatious of the two magicians, recently competed on ABC Television’s Dancing with the Stars.

We understand that the commitment is currently only for the single, one-hour pilot.

After that, anything can happen.

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