Lance Burton Interview: Retirement, Criss Angel

Lance Burton Agrees to Stay with Monte Carlo for Six More Years!The Las Vegas Weekly interviewed Master Magician Lance Burton for their “A Few Minutes With . . .” feature today.
The piece is very short but to the point. You can read his thoughts on retirement, Criss Angel, innovation in magic, and what today’s audiences expect from a “magic show.”
In case it is not obvious, we worship Lance Burton and are delighted he decided to stay at the appropriately named Lance Burton Theater in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino.
Mr. Burton brings more than a great show to Las Vegas, he brings his compassion and willingness to help others through his own charities or the work of others.

Mr. Burton’s show is unique on the Strip: a family show among less family-friendly offerings; but it is also the only one featuring Lance Burton.
He would be irreplaceable. His willingness to stay another six years is a gift to Las Vegas and to lovers of magic around the world.
Thank you, Mr. Burton.

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