Jacko Snubs Copperfield for Angel

Michael Jackson Suspension Effect = Gross

There is no accounting for taste.  Michael Jackson has dropped David Copperfield from his upcoming London shows because Mr. Copperfield was “too expensive.”

We are not sure what that says about the rates charged by Criss Angel.

According to Mr. Jackson’s press people, Mr. Copperfield wanted to charge the gloved-one $1 million a show.

Actually, that seems pretty reasonable.  You have to figure that every day he is with Mr. Jackson, Mr. Copperfield is missing out on performing in his own show.   Plus, he has to perform with Mr. Jackson.  That’s got to be worth a cool million.

According to the South African paper The Sun: “Michael was excited about working with David, but they fell out over money. Michael’s delighted to have Criss on board – not least ‘cos he costs less!”

Okey doke.

This is probably not exactly the same but reminds us of how steamed we get when we are underbid for a show by one of our fellow magic club members.  Mr. Copperfield and Criss Angel have two entirely different approaches to magic.  It is hard to believe Mr. Jackson sees the two as fungible elements of his show.

We know for sure, however, we do not want to see anyone try to find enough body fat on Mr. Jackson for a suspension by hooks.  Even writing this has caused dyspepsia.

Good luck Mr. Jackson and Criss Angel.  Maybe it will be the perfect combination.

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