Hugh Jackman to Play Houdini on Broadway

Fox News tells us that Hugh Jackman is slated to perform as Harry Houdini in an upcoming Broadway Musical.

Mr. Jackman is apparently hot by Hollywood and Broadway standards and has already played the role of magician in the film The Prestige.

The script is said to be in the works and music will come from former Oingo Boingo leader and lately movie score writer, Danny Elfman.

The word on the street is Ricky Jay is already helping Mr. Jackman learn magic.  The show will call on the Australian-born actor to “replicate big Houdini tricks on stage.”

How is that for vague.

To keep the pop and hype popping and hyping, Fox says there is a suggestion David Blaine may also consult on the magic and staging may receive input from the folks at Cirque du Soleil.

No one has seen a script yet.  As far as we know, producers have not yet ponied up dime one or put an option on a Broadway theater.

Still, with the hot commodity Mr. Jackman in the fold, the money may follow.

We will keep you advised of the goings on as they are on going.

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