Get It or Regret It: Wolf’s Phone-Ale

Soon to be sold out Magic Classic - Phone-Ale from Wolf's MagicWe love Wolf’s Magic.

We love their effects for the quality, the innovation, the wonderful designs and fantastic story lines.   We own several of their classics and our love for those specially packed props grows daily, show by show.

We do not love the often limited number of Wolf Magic effects made available.  Sure, quality workmanship takes time and cannot be rushed.  Yeah, the mass produced magic pales in comparison to the pieces of true art produced.  But golly, sometimes it does not seem fair.

We do not receive compensation for our praise of their work over the years — heck, we do not even get a discount.  So anyone who knows us, knows Wolf’s Magic must be great.  We are, at our greedy heart, greedy and heartless.  

We have it on very good authority there will be only thirty Phone-Ale effects produced in the First Run.  Yes, the Phone-Ale will be a permanent item but there are only thirty coming out from the first batch.  

Thirty of these sure-fire pieces for sale.  If our math is correct, that means — assuming each purchaser buys only one of the effects — that means less than thirty-one people will get their hands on this gem.

You can be one of the select thirty by heading to the Wolf’s Magic site right now.  Check out the description, the images, and their incredible story.  Do not blame us if the effect is gone by the time you got around to reading this.

Here is a brief description of what you may have already missed by reading this brief description of this soon-to-be classic.

We are excited to release our latest
effect,The PHONE-ALE’!

So you bought a CELLULATOR and have no
Finally, the answer is here! It is not just a FINALE’ to your
CELLULATOR routine but a PHONE-ALE!!
A "Nested Box" routine with a fresh new
When 5 heads get together on one idea you come up with a perfect
solution and a LOT of FUN!
The units are complete and being boxed up this
week. We have only made 30 units and expect a FAST sell-out so act now
if you have an interest!
Shipping begins Friday Jan

Note: that is Friday as in this Friday.  Stop reading and visit Wolf’s Magic right now.    


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