Pfew! Angel Not Bitter With Britney

Criss Angel: Not BitterCriss Angel is apparently the master of the press release.  We receive information about his every move and the starlet he met along the way.

Today was starting to seem like a different kind of day.  There was no Criss Angel news to report.  It was scary but not so scary that we did anything about the situation. We believe it is better to sit in the dark cursing than to light a candle and burn one’s self. 

But as sure as acid reflux follows a chimichanga, we received a press release from or on behalf of Mr. Angel.

Press release protocol requires the sender to at least indicate their relationship to the subject; but this one broke protocol.

Illusionist CRISS ANGEL has blamed BRITNEY SPEARS’ lack of commitment for canceling their planned performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

The magician was originally responsible for co-ordinating a series of illusions for the singer’s live comeback at the ceremony last year (Sep07) but the troubled star rejected his plans in favour of a simple performance that was panned by fans and critics alike.

But Angel insists he isn’t bitter about the missed opportunity.

"I also thought of having her levitate over the audience. It
was going to be really visual moments that were all… beautiful,
artistic, elegant and,most important, unique – things MTV hasn’t seen
in music.
"Britney is really strong with her own ideas. And what I had planned
wasn’t an easy thing to do and would have required a lot of rehearsals.

"Ultimately, I told her I needed 100 per cent commitment or
I wasn’t going to be able to do this. I told her that, ‘You have to
feel comfortable.’ So, we explored it and she decided it wasn’t for
her, and I completely understand."

Comfort was the reason Britney did not go through with Criss Angel’s plan for her "live comeback." 

But recall that the press release was titled ANGEL NOT BITTER
ABOUT FAILED SPEARS COLLABORATION. He was not bitter.  That’s a good
thing, we guess.  To be honest, we do not much worry about whether
Criss Angel may still harbor resentment over his lack of involvement in
a television show almost six months ago.

We try to care ? we really do ? but it is hard. 

We do not know who penned the press release or why.  We do
know Criss Angel’s unbroken streak of consecutive press offerings will
not end today.

We are also kind of glad that he is not bitter; not that we thought about it until just now.


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