Criss Angel Planned Multi-Britney Illusion

Is One Enough?  Criss Angel is in the news more often than . . . well, more than other things that are in the news that have some relationship to magic.

The Akron Beacon Journal broke with news in a story that has now been taken off their web site.  We doubt it was removed because of the content though.  Here is the old link.

It is his relationship with Britney Spears currently feeding the newswires.  True, that relationship lasted but a mere second or weekend; but in that short time, the two had plans for a spectacular illusion.

It sounded like Multiplying Bottles but with Britney instead of bottles.  There was no indication whether Britney would have a cheesy paper label reading U.F. Grant Winery like our version.

Unfortunately, Britney was not able to or did not wish to work with Criss Angel to perform the effect.

Here’s what we learned from this morning’s Angel watch:

Remember her disastrous
appearance at the VMAs, when she was supposed to present a musical
comeback and instead seemed a disoriented mess? The Los Angeles Times
recently reported on what might have been.

Illusionist and serial blond-star-dater Criss Angel, who
worked with Brit on her VMA bit, said, ”You would see Britney and then
she would split into two Britneys and then four Britneys with no boxes
or covers. It would just be a visual effect using no screens.

things I wanted to do with her was to literally transform her into
birds and then for her to reappear in the audience. I also thought of
having her levitate over the audience. It was going to be really visual
moments that were all epic tableaux that were beautiful, artistic,
elegant and, most important, unique.”

aside for a moment that Spears could barely walk on the VMAs, what made
her decide not to tackle Angel’s routine? Angel admitted that ”what I
planned wasn’t an easy thing to do and would have required a lot of
rehearsals. She decided it wasn’t for her.’



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