Criss Angel Ties Paris Hilton for “Most Annoying”

Criss Angel: Most AnnoyingCriss Angel and Paris Hilton topped the list for The Most Annoying of 2008.  Miss Hilton was selected by readers of Vegas Tripping for her skills. 

The editors of that Vegas Tripping bucked the readers’ sentiment and voted Las Vegas resident Criss Angel as the man with whom they would least like to hang.

Criss Angel (real name Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos) is a not a mack
daddy, he just plays one in the gossip rags.

Like clockwork, every
Monday morning Norm Clarke at the Review-Journal details who Mr. Angel
has hooked up that weekend. You’d think that Mr. Sarantakos has got the
skills to pay for the purple pills, but no.

He ensnares starlets, porn
babes and actresses for self-promotion purposes via tabloid headlines
and talk show hot air. If only his disappearing act was real….

could read this as an endorsement in a town where normal is decidedly

Chances are the editors did not mean to compliment Mr. Angel.



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