Criss Angel New DVD Delayed – Magic Too Intense

Criss Ange: Magic Too Intense for TVWe just received word that the widely anticipated release of Season Three DVD of Criss Angel MindFreak will be delayed by at least a week

There was no reason for the delay given by the press release. 

For our money, season three served up great stuff week after week.  We understand from the show’s producers the DVD will have additional features including:

  • A behind the scenes tour of the creation, training, and preparation for the death-defying stunts;
  • Behind the Scenes featurette;
  • Criss’ Celebrity Guests featurette;
  • Additional scenes;
  • Criss’ biography; and,
  • Never before seen effects.

We wondered why there were effects performed, filmed,but not aired by the five-time magician of the year.  Apparently, some of the effects were deemed "too intense" for television and were removed from the broadcastversion of the series.

The DVD collection seems worth an extra week of waiting.  Call us prurient and juvenile, but anytime you promise magic "too intense" for television, we’re ready to throw our crumpled dollars towards you in one big slobber-coated wad of cash. (“Slobber-Coated Wad of Cash” is a registered trademark of the Interactive Casino Games Corporation of Las Vegas, Nevada and used hereby permission).

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