Brian Gillis and Sisuepahn

sue2One of our favorite magicians is Brian Gillis. 

We saw him for the first time at the Magic Castle years ago.

He performed his classic — an outstanding effect where several members of the audience looked (or peeked) at any card in a deck and Mr. Gillis was able to tell each member the card they glanced at.

It seemed impossible.

We barged our way his way and made our introduced.  We told him how much we enjoyed his performance. As you would expect, he was kind and nodded.  He likely hears the same praise from so many each time he performs.  We returned to the Magic Castle years later and heard Mr. Gillis was booked for the Palace of Mystery with “Sue.”  Her real name is Sisuepahn.

We knew that if Brian Gillis was involved in the act it had to be great.  We saw the show twice in one night. 

Bottom line: if you ever have a chance to see Brian Gillis and Sisuepahn, you need to grab that chance quickly. If you love magic and the history of magic, you will love this show. Brian and Sisuepahn put on two classics from the rich history of our art.

Sisuepahn is on stage – which makes sense because she is clearly the more attractive member of the partnership – and blindfolded.

Without any noticeable hints, clues or leads, Sue was able to identify objects audience members held, answered questions known only by the audience and finally correctly discerned the serial number of a ten dollar bill held by a woman next to us.

(Coincidentally, the beautiful blonde female volunteer was with Friends’ star Mathew Perry).

But it got better.

We smiled involuntarily when the petite Sue invited two men on stage to perform her version of the Georgia Magnet. We read about the effect but it was amazing to see.

We guessed Sue weighs 90 lbs soaking wet and with lead shoes. But the two men were unable to lift her unless she allowed them. It was truly magic.

We hope they are able to find their way to the heartland or the east coast to show audiences the impossible.

We are tough on magicians. We criticize magicians that lack imagination or the desire to improve the art. Brian’s act was outstanding. The addition of Sisuepahn and the mentalism effect improved upon his prior success and the Georgia Magnet effect only added to the attraction.

Check out their website; it is very nice and professional — just like Brian and Sisuepahn.

Quinlan’s Inside Magic Rating: Five Out of Five

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