Penn & Teller Helps TiVo Commericals

Penn and TellerMedia
tells us TiVo enlisted the non-commercial duo Penn & Teller to
encourage its subscribers to watch commercials.

Check this out:

First announced in November 2005, TiVo Product Watch offers
subs commercials on-demand from a roster of some 70 advertisers, in five
categories ranging from automotive (Ford, General Motors) to packaged goods

The on-demand spots will clock in anywhere between one
minute to an hour, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the advertisers’
products and services.

Kraft, for example, will serve up a number of instructional
cooking videos, while Ford pitches its Escape model with a clip featuring
magicians Penn & Teller performing a bit of sleight-of-hand on a golf green
with duffer Johnny Miller.

The spot also invites viewers to check out other
Ford vehicles at a new Web site, .

TiVo charges advertisers to be included in the download
package but only if their advertisement is actually viewed.

The world seems
upside down but in a reverse, inside-out manner. TiVo's experiment is seen as a
data-mine breakthrough.  

"It a
particularly useful tool as it helps us understand how TiVo users interact with
commercial messages on an opt-in basis. This is valuable information as we
struggle with how to engage early-adopters who demonstrate a high propensity
for commercial avoidance."

We visited the Ford Magic Web Site
and loved it.  We are partial to all things Ford and all things Magic
so it is a perfect match and well-done.  Check it out.  Enter to win a
chance to hang with Penn & Teller. 




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