Lovely Brit to Star in Houdini Bio-Pic

We know to folks in the UK, there is nothing special about Catherine Zeta Jones.  The stage and screen star was apparently taken for granted. 

It was only after coming to our continent that she was accorded the respect and love all Brits deserve.  We love the accent, we love the wit, and we love it even more when both are found within such a beautiful actress.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us (and everyone else with a subscription we presume) the good news!

The lovely Ms. Zeta-Jones is about to ink a deal to portray the leading lady in the soon-to-be filmed biographical/fictional indie biopic Death Defying Acts opposite Guy Pearce. 

The hype starts:


Described as a lavish period film, "Acts" centers on
Houdini during the height of his career in 1926, when he toured the
world, amassing large crowds with his elaborate and daring escape

Ms. Zeta-Jones is set to play an exotic psychic with whom
Houdini embarks on a passionate affair.

Zeta-Jones won an Oscar for her supporting turn in the musical "Chicago."

She stole our heart in Zorro. 

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