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Dorothy Dietrich

True magic fans knew the answer to 23 Across in this Sunday's New York Times Crossword Puzzle. It was an eight letter word with the clue "Home of the Houdini Museum."

Give up? We thought it was a metaphorical question and said, MEMORIES.

That's why we never finish crossword puzzles — that and we are like a spider monkey with ADD sipping Red Bull and No-Doz.

If the clue read, "Location of the Houdini Museum" or "Town in Which Houdini Museum is Physically Located" we would had this one cold. 

SCRANTON is the answer.


We can't believe we thought it was MEMORIES. What were we thinking?


Dick Brooks and Dorothy Dietrich own one of the finest museums in the magic world. It is more than just a bunch of Houdini's tricks thrown into a room and exposed to the world. The Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania is an act of love.


Mr. Brooks
and Ms. Dietrich serve as curators but also performers for visitors to
the now famous town. They are both accomplished magicians and
well-versed in magic history. The combination of skills is perfect for
the very important job of keeping Houdini's life and work alive for
future generations of magicians.


We heard
from the fantastic couple just today that things are on schedule for
the upcoming season. In fact, they will start a new series of tours and
shows this Easter Weekend, Mother's Day Weekend, Memorial Day Weeked
and every day throughout the summer.


The museum
has been called a "Must-See" for travelers. Check out Houdini.org for
the latest news and for a flavor of what you can expect upon your visit.

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