The Houdini Museum: Unexplained Horrors

$2,000.00 Ghost Guarantee

We love Houdini.We love reading about Houdini, talking about Houdini, looking at pictures about Houdini, and talking to people who have read about looking at pictures of Houdini.


If there was a Houdini sandwich, we’d buy it but we wouldn’t eat it.


Our love for Houdini brought us to Scranton, Pennsylvania this summer to see the outstandingly satisfying Houdini Museum run by Dick Brooks and Dorothy Dietrich.


But our love for Houdini-esque things got us on the mailing list announcing The Houdini Theater’s Special Schedule plus a $2,000.00 Ghost Guarantee.

Mr. Brooks and Ms. Dietrich will host their new Afternoon Family Magic Spook-Tacular!


This presentation will be available for your entertainment consideration at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm October 22nd to 24th, 26th, and the 28th to 31st.


You’ll need to make reservations for this family-oriented and spooky show.Tickets are going for $14.95 and likely going fast so make your arrangements today.


Psychic Theater Productions will offer a $2,000.00 Ghost Guarantee in connection with their presentation, Haunted!


This is not your traditional paranormal show.Sure, you’ll hear, feel, or see weird happenings.Of course you’ll experience sounds, touches, ghosts, mind reading, mind control, and poltergeist activity.


You expect that from a haunted-type show.


But you likely have never seen a $2,000.00 Ghost Guarantee.


The guarantee is that you will not be able to fully explain and duplicate the phenomena.If you succeed in explaining and duplicating the goings-on, you will not only ruin the experience for everyone in your party but also receive a refund on your ticket price and $2,000.00.


You can read more about the show and the guarantee at


The séance presentation tells the story of the haunting at 1433 N. Main Avenue connected to a murder / suicide and other tragedies in the building.The strange and bizarre have been going on since the 1920s.


You’ll have a chance to see newspaper accounts and photographs of investigations into the happenings.The show is based on real people and real events including famed spiritualist George Valentine, "the man who challenged Houdini!"


The story includes on the spot experiments in mind control, telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, metal bending, sightless vision, and the dark séance.


Will the dead return? Find out.


Check out the dates for Haunted! at


And last but not least (one of the three things had to be third) the outstanding Houdini Tour and Magic Show starring Dick Brooks and Dorothy Dietrich.The show can be seen Thanksgiving Weekend. November 25th through the 27th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.


Do not miss this show.The Houdini Museum’s presentation on the life, magic, death, and legacy of Houdini is the best we have seen anywhere!We’ve never made such a claim but then again we never saw such an outstanding show and tour.


You can visit the Houdini Museum on the web at:

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