Media Darling: Misty Lee

Inside Magic Image of Magician Misty LeeThe Detroit News gives the talented and lovely Misty Lee the kind of press you couldn’t buy. In a recent article promoting her upcoming shows, the paper paints a woman
of mystery, “[m]ost magicians like their past partially shrouded in ambiguity and Misty Lee is no different.” She refuses to provide her last name but will admit her stage name is really her first and middle names.

Her rise to her current fame started “in 1999 as the comely assistant to a magician named Kevin. The rest is illusionist history.”

Misty Lee studied under Jeff McBride and Siegfried. “Only six years after becoming one of the country’s few female magicians, she relocated to Los Angeles where she’s working on television and movie opportunities.”

The enigmatic enchantress enjoys performing for children. “It’s a privilege to do magic for kids. They still have their imaginations and even when they become older and become more realistic, magic keeps kids believing they can do anything, even fly.”

The paper describes her on-stage demeanor as a “charming and relaxed performance” with pop music and classical misdirection.

If this type of press coverage isn’t enough, her website is outstanding.

We’ll keep an eye on Misty Lee’s progress and if we can get a show review from a reader, we’ll include it in later editions of the Inside Magic Daily News.

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