Why Do We Love Lance? Is that a Rhetorical Question?

Lance Burton Erects Billboard Mid-Way Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas Readable in Rearview Mirror - Classic Beyond being a great guy, a fine example and role-model for kids, a fantastic promoter of the magical arts, a supporter of adoption, and one of the few superstars of magic that ever said “hi” back to our shouts in the hotel, he is a funny, creative guy.

The man who performs what Johnny Carson once called “the finest 12 minutes in Magic,” spent some bucks for an April Fools joke.

His billboard was placed about half-way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Because, it’s funny, that’s why. It was just a practical joke he decided to offer those leaving Las Vegas. Drivers will be able to read it in their mirrors but might be confused without the special optical help.

Does Lance Burton have to advertise?

Probably not.

Does he have to remind folks what show they just saw at the beautifulLance Burton Theater in the equally wonderful Monte Carlo Resort and Casino?


Is it a nice touch from someone who seems to rise above the commercial aspects of the high-end segment of the biz?

We think so.

Is it obnoxious to explain something with rhetorical questions?

What do you think?

Of course it is.  Sue us.  We can represent ourselves for free.

Thank you, Lance Burton for all you have done, all you do, and all you will contribute to our wonderful art.

It is one of the few performing arts in which its participants can still be young and playful at heart.

Check out Lance Burton’s website.

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