God-Man Sues Copperfield for Theft of Powers

Inside Magic Image of Woman with Clear EyesThis is not Inside Magic fiction. According to the Warner Brothers Celebrity Justice website, Minnesota “god” Christopher Roller has sued David Copperfield for $50,000,000.

The basis of the suit? Mr. Roller claims Mr. Copperfield has stolen or improperly used Mr. Roller’s “godly powers without permission to perform magic on stage.”

We checked out the story and aren’t convinced. While the media outlets, including Celebrity Justice, have not been able to produce a copy of the summons and complaint, Inside Magic was able to secure a copy of both documents. Mr. Roller is acting as his own attorney in this litigation and contrary to the news reports, is not suing Mr. Copperfield for theft of “godly powers” but as a labor dispute.

Chances are, this lawsuit will be thrown out on a motion to dismiss. It is significant that there is no record of Mr. Copperfield or his attorneys receiving service of the complaint.
Not to give this strange person additional hits to his weird website, but you can check out what he thinks about himself, his position in the universe and on our planet as god, and read the other celebrities with whom he claims some special relationship. Mr. Roller apparently told reporters that if Mr. Copperfield can show how he performs his magic by means other than the borrowed god powers, he will retract the lawsuit.

Read the Celebrity Justice report here.

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